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About | Savor Spain



Denise – COE (Chief of Everything – Mostly Trouble Making)

I gave up learning Spanish about 12 years ago.  I never got to practice, and I wasn’t getting any better.  Then one day a co-worker stuck her head in my office and said “Hey, my daughter is studying in Spain and she met this kid that wants to come visit for a couple of months….”  And that’s how I finally learned Spanish.

Since that summer in 1998 we’ve spent several months each year in the land of rice, fish, wine, and a culture that thumbs its nose at cram-down-a-hamburger lunches.

I’m one of those pesky people who horns my way into the kitchen pretty much anywhere I go.  I’ve hung out in the kitchens of friends all over Spain.  I take lots of notes, tons of photos (when Al’s not around to handle that job), and then I try my hand at reproducing the amazing food I’ve had.  Then I go back and ask more questions.  And the wine?  Oh, don’t get me started.  I’ll just say that even the big dawgs in the wine world will admit that Spain has some of the best wine — and best wine values — on the market.

So here’s my goal.   I’ve given in to temptation, and I want to tempt you, too.  Temptation to play as hard as I work, to seek out new adventures (that don’t involve life-threatening sports) to make new friends who expand my view of the world, and to constantly be learning about new and different things.  But mostly, I want to tempt you to soak in the experience of Spain, and share it with others.

Eat, Drink, and Be Spanish!

Al – Chief Image Guy

AlThere is nothing better than Paella and a great glass of Spanish wine… except maybe a glass of cava and some jamon.

I started going to Spain after Denise had made a couple of trips.  Having been a history buff my whole life, one of the places I always wanted to go was Spain.  And as a wine lover, after tasting Spanish wine, I became an instant fan.  Now when we go to Spain I have my camera in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

My goal with Savor Spain is to bring you pictures and videos of the food and wine of Spain. I also want to show you how much fun Spain is and maybe tempt you to join us.  Hopefully you will fall in love with the people and the country as Denise and I have.

Salli Gutierrez – Flamenco Dancer, Spanish Language Teacher, & Travel Expert

What is a passion?  When does something becomes a true passion — your passion?  Maybe you’ve discovered your passion when people ask you, “Is that all you can talk about?”

Well, after many years, travels, experiences, and being accused of having no other interests,  I believe I can officially declare my passion to be…. Spain.

I  was lucky enough to be able to go to Spain for the first time in the 80’s, and ever since have been infatuated by this enchanting country.  Whenever I am on my return flight from Spain, I’m already planning when the next trip will be.   When I am in Spain, a fire is ignited underneath me, I’m energized and excited about what I might find around each new corner.  I thrive in the Spanish experience, and the opportunity to eat the Spanish food, drink the savory Spanish wines, speak the language, smell the smells, walk the streets, see the castles, olive groves, vineyards, dance, and just relax into a warm culture.

Being a Spanish language teacher and Spanish speaker, I have had the opportunity to be a participant, not an observer in my Spain travels.  I have had the opportunity to learn about the culture, to live it, to travel and to ‘vibrate’ in Spain… (Spain does something energetically for me).  In addition to ‘living’ the culture, I have been studying Flamenco in Spain, and I bring back the ‘newest’ steps and moves to teach and perform in the US. This experience of traveling to Spain to study this complex art form has given me an insider’s view of Spain and its subcultures.  I now plan to compile my knowledge of Spain, and lead organized cultural travel experience tours.  I will take you and your friends to my favorite places in Spain, and show you what the passion is all about!