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A Little Cheesey

March 11, 2016

in Experiences,Food

“We should learn to make cheese,”  he said. “Huh?”  I responded. “Cheese.  We should learn how to make it at home,” he replied. Poor guy had no idea what he’d just gotten himself into. At first we tried our hand at a couple of simple cheeses made with rennet (the coagulant that’s used in almost […]

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Pasión Flamenco

May 11, 2010

in Flamenco

I return again to the subject of having a passion.  What is yours?  What makes your adrenaline flow?  What causes the words to flow or even gush out of your mouth when talking about your passion?  Well, mine is easy….Spain, the Spanish culture, its people.  And I can get this all wrapped up in one with […]

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The first minute that I stepped off a plane in Spain  (no pun intended) 11 years ago, the first question I was asked was “Wanna go have paella?”  Um…. Ok… what’s that?  Actually I had been prepped a little bit, so I knew generally what it meant, but I had never had it.  In a […]

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